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Suave Coupons – Suave is a brand of personal hygiene products that include shampoo, lotions, soaps and deodorant products. Consumers can find Suave items at their local supermarket, grocery stores and convenience marts. Use available suave coupons and deals. For years, millions of people have relied on Suave products for personal hygiene and beauty enhancement. During the year, Suave will offer special promotions and deals through their website and other channels. Suave also offers an extensive line of hair, skin and personal products for both men and women including shampoos, conditioners, styling aids, Body Washes, Body Lotions and Anti Perspirant/Deodorants.

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Here are common questions and answers about Suave products:
When I choose a certain shampoo should I get the matching conditioner? It is a good idea to try out a pair of coordinating hair care products. Shampoo and conditioner duos are formulated to work together. The cleaning properties of the shampoo are balanced by the moisturizing properties of the conditioner, and their fragrances are compatible. For more information on Suave products, please visit the product section of their website.

What does it mean when a product says Hypoallergenic? Products labeled hypo-allergenic are designed to be gentle and non-irritating to sensitive skin (skin that may develop a reaction to ingredients in skin care products).

Your Suave products remain at their optimum quality and freshness for at least 2 years when stored at room temperature. What are the differences between mousse, styling gel, spray-on gel and hairspray?

Mousse, styling gel and spray-on gel are styling products that are worked through the entire head to give hair form, shape and style and are most often used in wet/damp hair. Mousse has a lighter texture than gels so that it spreads easily through hair. Hairspray is used to maintain your hair style after it’s been dried and styled.
What is the difference between a deodorant and an anti-perspirant? While perspiration by itself does not have any odor, when it meets the bacteria that are always present on your skin, odor develops. A deodorant helps stop that odor, while an antiperspirant helps stop the perspiration itself. By preventing wetness, an anti-perspirant also acts as a deodorant. A deodorant, on the other hand, works by reducing body odor and has little or no anti-perspirant activity.

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Why do unscented products still have fragrance listed in the ingredients? Unscented products are formulated for use by those who prefer products without perfumes. Suave unscented products do contain a small amount of masking fragrance to neutralize the natural odors of ingredients used in products. Fragrance, therefore, is listed on the package ingredient statement.
Do children really need special shampoos and conditioners? To take the sting out of a youngster’s shampoo, Suave suggests you select a tear-free formulation. If the product also contains a conditioner, it will save an extra step and deliver easier combing. To help children look forward to their shampoos, look for products with child-friendly scents and colors. For more information on Suave’s line of kid’s hair products, please visit the product section of their website.

Since I color my hair, should I use a shampoo specifically made for color-treated hair? Yes. Coloring can leave hair dry with loss of shine. Suave Shampoos and conditioners for color-treated hair offer formulations that help maintain the new color while also providing conditioning agents to help repair the hair strand and emollients to ensure moisture. For more information on Suave products for colored hair, please visit the product section of their website.